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As Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapists, we approach therapy from a systemic perspective, which means that we look to the dynamics between people rather than solely focusing on the internal workings of one person.  Even in individual work, this approach can be helpful and empowering.


Our approach is eclectic.  We have various tools that we can use within therapy to customize to the uniqueness of the people we aim to help.  Some of these tools include cognitive-behavioral techniques, experiential exercises, homework assignments, and family-of-origin work.


We are committed to providing you with a safe, caring environment in which we can address your unique situation.  Successful therapeutic outcomes have been shown to be related to the quality of the therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client(s).  It is a priority to us that you feel understood, connected, and engaged in the therapy process and involved in making therapy an effective, productive experience.   

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