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Bipolar Support Group

Registration is open for the FCMFT Bipolar Support Group!


Please note this group is now being offered to Bipolar I and Bipolar II clients and the time has been changed from Fridays 12-1:30pm to Saturdays 12-1:30pm on the following new dates:


Oct 8 and 22

Nov 5 and 19

Dec 3 and 17


Offering 6-session Bipolar Support Group $75 per session. Zoom. Ivy Pay. Maryland residents.


8-10 people


Group criteria:

Bipolar I or Bipolar II diagnosis

At least one manic/psychotic/depressive episode

Attending regular appointments with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner

Medication compliant

At least 21 years old

No current substance abuse


Group objectives:

Education/Acceptance of having bipolar disorder

How to be treatment compliant

How to manage bipolar to live a happy, fulfilling life with healthy relationships

Dealing with stigma of mental illness

Helping loved ones understand mental illness and how to support you

Finding peace with bipolar


Contact Alicia Dacey, LCMFT at

Call 301-473-2197 to register.

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